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SEcurity Services

What We Do

Quest Effect offers a comprehensive suite of security services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our expertise spans across delivering top-notch solutions that ensure the safety and security of individuals, properties, and assets. Whether you're looking for advanced surveillance systems, elite personal bodyguards, or strategic risk assessment protocols, Quest Effect is dedicated to providing you with unparalleled protection.
Our team of seasoned experts utilises the latest in security technology and innovative strategies to keep you and your interests secure in an ever-changing world. Trust us to be your steadfast partner in safeguarding what matters most to you.

Security Manpower

Choose us for peace of mind with the industry's best, ensuring top-quality security manpower tailored to your needs.

Electronic Security

Our services offer cutting-edge technological solutions for enhanced security and surveillance.

Mobile Patrols

Rest easy knowing our premium patrol services and rapid alarm responses are guarding your assets.

Control Room Operations

Round-the-clock surveillance of your property and assets

Drone Technology

Monitor your premises using cutting-edge drone innovations

Covert Operations

We use stealth and expertise for effective threat neutralisation and operation security.


Latest News

Dive into the heart of Quest Effect and uncover the latest insights, projects and stories. Stay ahead of the curve and join us on a journey of discovery where innovation meets impact.

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