Never underestimate the impact of physically seeing a security guard patrolling the grounds of any space – be it a school, warehouse or shopping centre. In 99% of cases, it works as the best deterrent for a potential burglar or someone with the wrong intentions.

But what if this unwanted person didn’t retreat but initiated their malicious action? What happens then? This is when the security guard’s training and expertise is really put to the test. The question you need to ask is what kind of training do your security personnel really have – in times of risk? You want to know they can follow through with their job at hand and minimise the security risk to your business or organisational body with integrity, professionalism and consideration of the environment in which they work in.

A security guard’s three key responsibilities are to safeguard people, property and information. Quest Effect ensures that with the training of our security guards, they can confidently and physically take charge – and take the lead in managing a situation that requires urgent action.

  • Observe and report
  • Defer and detect crime
  • Keep good public relations
  • Control access areas using alarm systems
  • Patrol the required space
  • Control traffic
  • Find and report safety hazards

As part of this training preparation we regularly put our guards to the test, and this is where their defensive and first aid training comes into effect. We ensure our coaching focuses on strong skill set combinations, which means not only world-class training methods but also ongoing education and drills to keep a guard’s skills up to date.