For any business looking to outsource operations, it’s a professional expectation that a contractor performs the work that is outlined in their contact. This is no different for security and property services. As a business working with service providers in these industries, the need for adequate and reliable staffing is crucial. And most businesses assume that an external provider of these services will ensure that daily timesheets are completed accurately by staff. However, in late January this year, a public inquiry lead by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) into allegations concerning contract security suppliers and a prestigious tertiary education institution revealed a very different reality. According to the inquiry:

Quest Effect believes in ethical security and property services

Quest Effect understands that allegations of sustained misconduct like this can tarnish reputations and place people at serious risk. So we harness some of the most innovative technology available to prevent these issues from happening with our clients. One of the ways we keep a close eye on operations is through our employee time attendance application. Using GPS geo-fencing technology, we’re able to track when and where staff sign on for work. All our staff must use their mobile device to sign on to their shift within a given radius of your site. We then have a dedicated roster manager who can view the real-time location of our workforce to monitor things like:

  • Who has signed on off-site?
  • Has a staff member left the site?
  • Who left early/who arrived late?
  • Which staff members are currently working?

As well as monitoring staff attendance, our patrol tracking systems help us improve our staff effectiveness too. Using QR code technology, staff patrol routes have programmed checkpoints reminding staff to complete their tasks for each shift. The client can then look at an end-of-shift report which shows patrol times and any missed checkpoints.

Our supply standard

For both our security and property services, Quest Effect places an incredible amount of importance on effective service delivery. Our clients demand the peace of mind that when they deal with Quest Effect, they know the job is done and done right every time. This is why we’ve invested heavily in new technology and innovative solutions. Clients want better reporting and we want to show our clients that we’re there when it counts. If you would like more information on how we can help you, feel free to contact us below:

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