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What is the role of security manpower in today’s climate?

Well-trained and highly experienced personnel are crucial to protecting your people and your property. In commercial security, the traditional role of guards and security manpower was one-dimensional.  Security guards were often static, uniformed men (known as doormen) responsible for performing a single job such as access control. However, the security industry has changed. And more so than ever, there is an overwhelming demand for quality security personnel. As security technology emerges and evolves to play a more sophisticated role, so has the role of security manpower.  Quest Effect explored the relationship between these two facets of commercial security in a News post titled: “Balancing Technology and Manpower”.

Our excellence in security manpower

Quest Effect is acutely aware of the changing role of security personnel. We also understand that we’re in the business of security manpower and that our people are our reputation. Thus, Quest Effect goes above and beyond to hire professional, reliable and multi-skilled security personnel.

Backed by an experienced team of site managers and guards, our security manpower services can address a range of your business’s needs including:

  • Front desk concierge duties
  • Access control and gate keeping
  • Patrolling and CCTV monitoring
  • Asset protection
  • Loss prevention
  • Conflict resolution
  • Detailed reporting
  • Industry-specific security services (e.g. retail, construction, public sector etc.)

Why choose Quest Effect over the rest?

Through Quest Effect, you can rest assured knowing that your people and your property are in safe hands.

Our security manpower services are highly effective at eliminating the threat of trespassing, vandalism, theft and other property offences which put your commercial site at risk.

As well as protecting your premises, Quest Effect understands the importance of protecting your people. All our staff are specially trained to detect undesirable behaviour, prevent on-site incidents from occurring and take appropriate action if there is a threat to your staff, patrons or visitors.

Moreover, our guards always provide exceptional customer service acting as ambassadors for both your building and your brand.