Quest Effect has the capability and capacity in providing a professional scope of Security Services for Mining & Resources Campsites and Villages in any regional and remote areas on a National Scale.

Quest Effect’s primary aim is always the protection of all client organisational assets and people. Quest Effect can also provide physical security solutions and the development and management of specific security & site requirements.

Quest Effect also has the capability and capacity to manage a “full-suite” of security services for the diverse customer requirements in what can often be some of the most remote, harsh and demanding terrains in Australia.

Quest Effect prides itself in its team being technically competent. In collaboration with our clients, we focus on developing and implementing security programs that not only achieve the desired security outcomes, but those that are cost-effective and represent value for money.

To meet these challenges, Quest Effect can ensure a well-supported base of trained professionals well-versed in the task of mine site & resources security protection.

Quest Effect can provide both highly skilled and competently trained ERO’s Emergency Response Officers and also ESO’s Emergency/Security Support Officers to the Mining, Oil/Gas & Resources Sectors of Industry. Quest Effects scope of services include, but are not limited to:

• Operation/Management of Shutdown Security Mining & Resources

• Controlling access & Egress to (Sites/Premises)

• Induction Training

• Drug & Alcohol Testing

• Conducting Vehicle Searches

• Mobile Patrols

• Paramedic Relief & Support

• Industrial Relations & Containment Control

• ERT Support

• Monitoring of Security Panels & Surveillance Cameras

Shutdown theft is estimated in excess of $50,000 per outage. Quest Effect can provide specialised theft assessments and risk management solutions and control measures to reduce and eliminate theft to Mining & Resource clients. These measures will be implemented with pro-active security controls such as:

• Vehicle & Bag Searches

• Detection Systems and Devices

• Security Patrols (vehicular and foot)

• Technical Security Measures

• Employee Relations with Contractors

• Access and Egress Management

In addition to theft, Quest Effects priority is the safety of all employees, contractors and visitors during the operation of the shutdown. Quest Effects specialist security team will work closely with the relevant personnel to assist in the effective management of fitness to work, first aid, site entry protocols and any additional client requirements.

Quest Effect can protect vital resources in remote locations by deploying a team of Quest Effect Risk Managers with specialist knowledge in security, health & safety and with local knowledge on the ground. Language, culture and local legislation don’t have to be a hurdle for any Business Operations. At Quest Effect we can provide risk management on a site by site, project by project basis or we can create a uniform risk management solution across your entire Company and Operations.

Quest Effect can provide unique security services to business organisations facing the potential of Industrial unrest or dispute in the workplace. At Quest Effect, we are aware that the risk climate has changed. It is therefore important to be focused on the risks which pose the most likely threat. Our comprehensive risk management and security solutions will be developed to encompass a wide range of potential threats and large protracted events that may exist during times of Industrial unrest or dispute.