Quest Effect has the well-enhanced capability through its Senior Management Leadership Team to provide high level and specialist technical threat & general risk assessments as well as physical security solutions to all Maritime Controlled Ports on a National Level that may operate under and pursuant to MTOFSA (Maritime Transport and Offshore FacilitiesSecurity Act) 2003 Commonwealth.

Quest Effect can also supply highly trained, experienced and MSIC approved Maritime Protection Officers to protect all maritime client and organisational assets, people and infrastructure requirements.

Quest Effect can also provide a unique blend of technical threat risk assessments and physical security countermeasures to maritime organisations facing the potential risk of Industrial unrest or disputes at their respective maritime facilities.

At Quest Effect, we are fully aware that the risk climate has changed and it is therefore important to be focused on the risks which pose the most likely threat.

At Quest Effect our comprehensive range of risk management and security solutions can be developed and implemented to encompass a wide range of potential threats and large protracted events that may exist during times of Industrial unrest or dispute.