More than just top level security.

Watching over school children and keeping them safe is a unique situation and unlike any other security role. You’re more than just a top level security guard. It takes insight, integrity and high-level communicative skills.

Servicing the private school sector successfully requires a thorough understanding of the logistical challenges of running a school, and the very nature of this 24/7 eco-system means an appreciation of a school’s culture and environment.

For example, it is not unusual for school boarders to be coming and going during the week, bringing with them guests. Also, there is the participation of sporting and cultural events after school and on weekends. This flow of students, parents, teachers and guests around the clock requires a mature, keen eye for abnormalities in action and behaviour. This skill doesn’t always come naturally to every security personnel, so it’s important you know what personality traits to look out for when hiring your security team.

And while most institutions think it is necessary to exude a strong look, schools require otherwise. The consideration of the student is key. In school environments, it is imperative that guards are capable of empathy and have an approachable aura as they patrol the school grounds. This way, students will not feel intimidated when turning to them for help, giving them a sense of safety.

Another important consideration is the parent or carer who may live demanding, high profile lives, and so their interaction with their school’s security personnel must feel professional and supportive, and leave no doubt in their minds that their children feel safe and secure at all times.

When selecting the right security teams for their school clients, Quest Effect has a list of the top 10 attributes they look out for. These are:

  1. Empathy
  2. Professional integrity
  3. Vast security experience
  4. Punctuality
  5. Customer service appreciation
  6. Attention to detail
  7. Exceptional communication skills
  8. Physical fitness
  9. Surveillance skills
  10. Multi-tasking and problem-solving skills

Remember, your security officer is the person you turn to in difficult circumstances and you expect nothing but trust and the most efficient outcome.

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