The importance of great customer service and hiring the right staff to represent your brand is undeniable. More often than not, someone will talk about their experience with a company based on their interaction with a receptionist, salesperson or another consumer-facing employee. And a bad customer experience is often the result of poor customer service. But what about your security? Most probably see their security as the last resort when it comes to customer service. Yet for many shopping centres, schools, universities and commercial buildings, security staff are often the very first point of contact. And a negative interaction with your security staff can ultimately shape how the public perceives your entire organisation. This is a constant challenge for our industry. Security providers need to appreciate the importance of well-trained security personnel when it comes to customer service. Your security is often the face of your company. Leave people with a lasting impression that is friendly, positive and helpful by hiring the right security staff. I came across an interesting article by US online publication Security Magazine titled “Customer Service Vital to Security Officer Sector” I highly recommend having a read of it – it talks about growth in the US security sector and how the role of security needs to keep pace in the fast-changing environment. This same trend is happening here in Australia. At Quest Effect, we appreciate the value of having quality security and property services personnel. Through our Staff Recognition awards, we work closely with clients to identify these exceptional team members. By recognising and rewarding those individuals who go above and beyond to assist the public wherever they can, we can foster a customer service culture at Quest Effect which is needed in our industry now more than ever.

About Ian Saggus:

With over 20 years’ experience in both operations and business development working for security and property service providers, I have developed a unique understanding of the industry which helps me to identify the real pain-points of our customers. On behalf of Quest Effect, I make sure we deliver the right security and property services to meet the needs of the client with a focus on industry compliance. Follow Ian Saggus on LinkedIn!

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