Security trends for 2020

With one eye always fixed firmly on the future, recognising the changing security needs of Australia and the trends that eventuate is paramount for the team at Quest Effect. It keeps us agile and ensures our clients are receiving the very best security measures.

What’s in store for 2020?

We have pulled out two key security trends for this coming year. They are Cybercrime and the swift evolution of new technology, without a doubt. This means that our product development areas will continue to focus heavily on cyber security technology, smart cameras and CCTV monitoring, and facial recognition. We’re also keeping watch on what the rest of Australia is up to.

A focus on education

The Australian Government launched its Cyber Security Strategy back in 2016 – a $230 million investment to fuel Australia’s capabilities in the cyber security arena. Part of this program was the establishment of the Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence (ACCSE). Based out of the University of Melbourne and Edith Cowan University, these centres serve to strengthen Australia’s defence against cyber threats, by encouraging more students to enrol in the field, to graduate and support Australian businesses and our government, and to contribute to ongoing research into cyber security technology.

This focus on education and research is terrific news, as technology and personnel training are our priority to stay at the forefront of evolving industry trends and to successfully cater for our clients and their widening concerns for safety, security and data privacy.

This year sees the next developmental phase of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy, as a lot has shifted in four years in terms of the cyber landscape, and threats to businesses and the economy. We look forward to seeing what comes out of the initial planning stages as both government and businesses work together to cement a path towards safeguarding Australia and its commercial and private assets.

Our strategy this year

2020 will continue to see Quest Effect invest heavily in intelligent, high tech systems and more surveillance-style security measures, with eyes in the sky coupled with smart, high tech teams on the ground. This integrated approach to security ensures complete protection, privacy and real-time effectiveness – paramount in today’s always-on world. This is part of our commitment to delivering the very best smart security systems uniquely tailored to Australian businesses and government departments.

If you would like any further information on how to stay on top of your security needs in 2020, please contact Ian Saggus at Quest Effect on 1300 551 898 or