When considering commercial security, balancing technology and manpower is something that businesses grapple with every day.

While it’s clear that technology continues to present in new and innovative ways. The focus on enhancing the security profile of end users does not mean technology will replace the need for security manpower. The secret is getting the balance right.

An Expert’s Opinion

Malcolm Thomas, of US security tech firm, Transaction Control Technologies (TCT), believes an integrated approach is required for effective commercial security.

In discussing the role of security guards, he says “while other factors such as state of mind can affect their performance. Humans are good observers, processors and responders when they are awake and alert.” Therefore, to achieve the maximum benefit from security manpower, businesses should look to supplement their people with technology.

Quest Effect uses a fatigue management system to ensure their human resources are performing at their very best. We implement strict rules for rostering staff in order to avoid employee fatigue. These include setting rules for maximum days worked in a row. Daily & weekly maximum hours worked. As well as other conditions which deal with this issue.

Thomas emphasises that the presence of well trained, alert, equipped and disciplined guards is a deterrent against crime.  He adds that technology when hidden is not considered a hindrance to criminals. Therefore, he believes that where there is an interface with customers or other humans, manpower has a definite value.

Balance Equals Success

Success is determined by the adoption of state-of-the-art security technology that works seamlessly with manpower. For example, security is viewed as balanced when integrated into a remote central control room that provides early warning and verification of true alarms. These alarms would then need to be coupled to immediate, neutralising security measures that result in the dispatching of response teams.

At Quest Effect, we understand just how important it is to get the balance between technology and our people’s right. Our entire operation is built to respond to any security threat using various friction-less technology. For example, every guard is monitored by tools such as Man Down Alerts, SOS buttons and automated push notifications.

Technology is driving change in the security industry every day. It is making sure we are all able to better manage and protect people and assets seamlessly and efficiently. Despite the emerging and exciting role technology will play in security, the human touch remains an essential component in optimal security models.

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Original story by Hi-Tech Security Solutions Magazine

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